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Dylus Application by Omnipotent-Mondays Dylus Application by Omnipotent-Mondays
:bulletblue:Name: Dylus Silkjaw  
:bulletblue:Gender: Male
:bulletblue:Age: 18
:bulletblue:Year: 2nd year (but due to bad grades he was forced to repeat)
:bulletblue:Dorm or Home: Dorm
:bulletblue:Ability: Torrent

:bulletblue:Nature: Naughty
:bulletblue: Moveset: 

Aqua Tail

Battle Studies

Sports: Swimming

Dylus comes from a very large 'traditional' family being the oldest of seven siblings four younger sisters and two younger brothers. Dylus's parents meet and became pregnant with him when they were both sixteen, being parents to a troublesome baby who was often sick was rather hard on the young and unexperienced pair but they stuck through and became a loving family, Dylus often idolizes his parents in this sense and all his failing past relationships all come down to the fact that mentally they've never paired up to that of the relationship of his mother and father (although to be truthful they were very carless and flawed at times even to the point where he nearly drowned at the age of 3)

Dylus practically raised his other siblings his father was always away working on construction and his mother always seemingly with a new born or two under her arms. He is particularly close to the second born twins Tanner and Ashley going as far as playing dress up and tea parties for them, resulting in a lot of embarrassing photos. His younger brother and the third born Carter shared the same sickly traits as Dylus did as a baby and would often cry all night making going to elementary school rather challenging for Dylus who was often getting scolded for falling asleep.

He also had to put aside most things he enjoyed like afternoon activities and clubs due to herding the masses of children under his big brother command . Making him a very giving person in a sense, however what's his is his and he's very possessive of items and even people but is always willing to share his lunch to others, after all he's used to not only sharing food but making it for his siblings (he's no chef however)

 As a rebellious teenager he joined a typical street gang full of other water Pokémon doing pity crimes such as graffiti and shoplifting it was mostly just a cry for attention, even he will admit this and gang life got a little too real from him when his group where bullying another Pokémon to the point that they were  nearly beaten to death. (very serious!) He fled the gang and was nearly killed himself for being a traitor to the 'Cement Sharks'  only to be saved by a passing teacher of Pokeka Academy.

He's attempted to turn his life around ever since hoping to one day become successful and happily married.

If anyone studied Dylus as a two dimensional figure they'd see nothing but a stereotypical Jock lacking in most social graces and with a floundering  grade point average. He's loud, perverted, a joker, inadvertently violent most times and hates anything to do with actually using his head. But under all those thin layers of brutish and reckless behaviour is a solid and sweet caring man is waiting to be moulded by the right woman.

Most of his negative personalities comes as a defensive mechanism often rather embarrassed at "how stupid" he is and uses humour and laziness as a shield for not attempting to succeed (because as he sees it he'd eventually fail and its better not to risk it at all) However his true cockiness comes out when he's with the swim team, excelling at at-least one thing his true self shines through and he can be seen as the very least tolerable, he's a person whose rather liked or extremely disliked there is no middle with Dylus.

Pigging out on junk food
Swimming and exercising
'Manly' tests against other 'Manly' men
Kissing and Cuddling
Being beaten
Being scolded
Letting down others
Disappointing people
School and Tests
Girlfriend: Tsuki (hopefully <3 )
Bestfriend: Artemis 
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N1njaStar28 Featured By Owner May 17, 2014  Hobbyist Writer

I actually wanted to join this group with my OC Dutch but I can't draw :(

If I gave you his dets, do you think you could maybe draw him? I'd love you forever <3
Omnipotent-Mondays Featured By Owner May 18, 2014
of course of course! I would love to draw him for you :)
N1njaStar28 Featured By Owner May 18, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
AWESOME I LOVE YOU DUDE!!!!!! Here are his dets

Name: Dutch
Pokemon: Squirtle
Gender: Male
Year: 2nd
Age: 16 1/2
Dorm or home: Dorm
Ability: Torrent
Nature: Timid

Moveset: Hydro pump and bite


Battle Studies

Clubs: Swimming, school newspaper, creative writing

History: Dutch grew up in a very accepting and laid back family. Being the youngest of six older brothers and sisters he was always treated as the baby. When he told his parents he wanted to be a reporter when he grew up they gladly supported his dream and still do to this very day. He found it hard to make friends growing up but as time went on became more popular, despite his timid nature. His parents decided to send him to the acedemy because they heard about their amazing journalism and creative writing classes, and he's been here since.

Personality: He's very timid and clutzy at first, but when you get to know him he's a real sweetheart who cares deeply for people. Being a reporter in training, he's very crafty and intelligent, putting on disguises and coming up with plans to get the next big scoop. He loves to have fun and make new friends as well.

Likes: Writing, journalism, getting scoops, swimming, making new friends

Dislikes: Bullies

Appearance: He is a little on the short side and skinny(his body is like a person's). His skin is blue like a squirtle and he has the same eye color and shell as one. He also has light brown swoops hair that sways to the right in the front. He wears round blue glasses that tilt at his nose, a light blue shoulderless shirt, a medium blue beanie with a water drop on it, gray camo shorts, a square shoulder bag that he carries every where and black combat boots
Omnipotent-Mondays Featured By Owner May 18, 2014
Lol I'm sure it'd be best if i Just drew him out and just make the profile you should tots join and submit all the dets yourself but i think he sounds really cute, i should be posting soon too? also he has to wear the school uniform in the app :)
N1njaStar28 Featured By Owner May 18, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Oh really? Awk ^^; I guess that's fine, and thank you!

Also, are we still rping?
Omnipotent-Mondays Featured By Owner May 18, 2014
of course~! XD posting naow I really like Jimi -squealed like a fan-girl how cute he is lol
N1njaStar28 Featured By Owner May 18, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Jimi: Awwwww thank you! :iconblushplz:
NyonRoleplays Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014
Omnipotent-Mondays Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014
Heck yeah that goofy bastard and Tsuki are going on a date soon...
XD I find his torso utterly gross but keep being told that it's pretty accurate that i've just misplaced a line because le model was doing a certain bend while I have him more straightened (plus you know the lines themselves aren't very well done but this losers lost her tablet's pen so she's gone back to mouse drawing and got wicked hand cramps)
Very Ganon Much WoW 
(also thank you i've missed you over the easter break -shots-)
NyonRoleplays Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014
Props to you tho!! I cant even attempt the shirtless because im super afraid of hecking artemis' anatomy up ;; It looks wicked cool!! 

(also yes hello i've missed you too!! sorry for not replying to our rp i've had to revise for exams ;;;;; i'll try and get one done now tho!)
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